Past Player Tracker

Past Player Tracker

Where are ex Ites players playing now? This page is dedicated to tracking down ex Ites and telling you where they are now. If you have any player movement updates, please let us know by filling in the form below.

PlayerLast Known ClubLast Validated
Aaron WilliamsBeckenham TownApr 2017
Adam HighstedK SportsJune 2018
Adam WilliamsBeckenham TownApr 2017
Alfie BatesLordswoodFeb 2019
Andrew ThompsonBeckenham Town2016
Andy ConstableRusthallJul 2017
Arlie DesangesCanterbury CityJune 2018
Brady LillisLordswoodJul 2017
Carl HarroldLordswoodNov 2017
Chris EdwardsCray ValleyFeb 2019
Danny WalderFaversham TownJul 2017
Darren MarsdenSevenoaks TownJul 2017
David AbeLarneNov 2017
Dean WarfordK SportsJun 2017
Enoch AdjeiCray Valley PMJul 2017
Grant McLiheronLordswoodApr 2017
James HugginsLordswoodAug 2017
Joseph DennyThamesmead TownNov 2017
Josh FroggattCanterbury CityFeb 2019
Jack MahoneyChatham TownMay 2018
Joseph FornahLarneNov 2017
Karn Miller-NeaveEbbsfleetJul 2017
Lee FriendChatham TownJul 2017
Luke HarveyFaversham TownFeb 2018
Marvin OkundalaiyeSevenoaks TownJul 2017
Remell DavisCanterbury CityNov 2018
Richard AtkinsBeckenham TownJul 2017
Rob DennessHollands & BlairFeb 2019
Rob SaundersSevenoaks TownMay 2018
Roy GuiverHawkinge (Co-Manager)Jun 2017
Stefan CoxBeckenham TownJun 2018
Timmy BabingtonSittingbourneFeb 2019
Tom WooldridgeLordswoodJul 2017
Trey WilliamsCroydonFeb 2018

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