What we do

Sheppey United FC founded the Ites Foundation in 2018 to recognise the positive contributions young people make to society and assist them in achieving their potential.

We shall support programmes and projects that benefit young people aged 11-25 on the Isle of Sheppey.

The Foundation is eager to help young people take advantage of opportunities, develop their full potential and play an active role in society through local sport.

To achieve this we shall support a number of programmes ranging from Cricket, Rugby, Dance etc tec. It is our aim to raise in excess of £2,000 per year to donate to local sports clubs in order to achieve our aspirations.

Our Vision

Our vision is of an Island where young people have high aspirations; the opportunity to develop their potential; the chance to be architects of their future; to play a full part in society and to be valued and recognised for the positive things they achieve.

Our Mission

To enable young people (aged 11 – 25 years on the Isle of Sheppey), to achieve their potential by inspiring, investing in, developing and promoting sporting activities that increase their personal, social, emotional and physical development.

Our Values

The ites Foundation draws on the ideology, vision and values of its Patron Sheppey United FC whom as a club epitomise’s the saying: “If you think you dare to dream it, you can achieve it!”

We seek to:

  • Inspire and raise the aspirations of young people.
  • Affirm, reward and celebrate achievement.
  • Value young people and those who work with them, advocating their views and putting young peoples’ voice at the centre of our work.
  • Develop young peoples’ confidence, motivating them to take on new challenges and to believe in themselves.
  • Be positive and promote a positive perspective on life.
  • Be inclusive, working at grass roots and building communities.
  • Promote a culture of ‘giving something back’.
  • Strive for excellence in our work.

Strategic Aims:

In order to achieve our mission we:

  • Invest: in youth organisations and programmes that represent value for money and create inclusive and positive opportunities for young people to engage, excel and achieve.
  • Instigate: new, innovative and high profile programmes that fill gaps in current education or youth work practice and that give young people the opportunity to develop new skills and experiences.
  • Influence: a change in the way that society sees, values and treats young people. We highlight the positive things that young people achieve and challenge the often negative portrayal of youth in our society, through public celebrations and promotion in the media.

Ultimately we influence change by enabling young people to “be the change they want to see in the world”.

Sheppey United FC