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Club News

Striker Dan Bradshaw is the third player revealed for the 2024/25 season, with the striker targeting to reach 150 career Ites goals.

The forward, who has played 190 games for the club said, “Last season was very up and down and I donโ€™t think we achieved our full potential in the league in terms of where we finished.

“I want to be part of the team to achieve the potential and finish at least in the play offs this coming season. Iโ€™m hoping as a team we can do this and I want to be part of that.

“I love this club. Itโ€™s where my career started and I want to end my career here.”

On confirming the Sheppey no.9, manager Ernie Batten said, “Dan’s record speaks for itself and as long as he gets the right service we know he can still finish, as he reads those balls well.

“The pressure will be on Dan this year as we’re looking to be strong in the goals department and there will be other strikers we’re announcing soon who will be giving him a good run for his money. Strikers are judged on goals and if we’re to go better than last season, goals is definitely an area I’m expecting a marked improvement on”

Assistant Manager Darren Blackburn echoed those comments, “Despite a disrupted season for Dan he still managed a good goal return as he always does.

“Goals are tough to come by in this league as teams are well coached and organised, itโ€™s always nice to have a player like Dan in your tool box whoโ€™s able to convert when it matters.

“Dans realistic, none of us are getting any younger but he sees that as challenge and he still very much has the hunger for goals and to help the club do well.

“He knows he may have to manage his body and game time during the season to ensure we can get the very best out of him, and we will support him in doing that.”


Want to support Dan Bradshaw next season with one of three partnership packages on offer?
For a fee of ยฃ125+ VAT you will get:

โ€ข Your name against Dan Bradshaw in the match day programme
โ€ข Your name listed on Danโ€™s player profile on the clubsโ€™ website
โ€ข You will get a personalised Christmas video message from Dan Bradshaw during the festive period
โ€ข Youโ€™ll receive Danโ€™s shirt at the end of the season

Shirts on offer are the home shirt (ยฃ125+VAT) or away shirt (ยฃ125+VAT).

Danโ€™s warmup shirt is also available for ยฃ75+VAT.

All player partnerships are done on a first come โ€“ first served basis by contacting Ash Carlin by email at

If youโ€™re interested in more than one shirt, please contact Ash directly.

(Should a player depart from SUFC during the season you will then have first choice on any new player coming in and your partnership commitment will be transferred)

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