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Chairman Tony Hughes has this afternoon confirmed the appointment of Kev Heaton as Head of Youth at Sheppey United.

Tony said:

“I would like to announce that Kev Heaton will become our new Head of Youth for Sheppey United FC Youth Section as from 1st June 2024.

“Kev has worked very closely with the club over the last few months organising the transition of the youth section, which was a separate entity from the main club, this will now be all part of SUFC.

“We have set a very clear vision for the club, it is all about player progression, we want every player at the club to have the opportunity to improve themselves as players and as they grow through the club eventually have the opportunity to play in the first team.

“We welcome all abilities of players at the club, we welcome families to be a big part of the club going forward, we want to have a culture of fun, football is for everyone and football is all about having some fun with other players and families.

“The club along with Kev will be putting a youth committee in place, Treasurer and Secretary – we will also have a secretary for the different leagues we play in. We are also looking to have youth football played on a Saturday and offer all levels of football across the weekend.”

Kev’s remit includes:

  • Facilitating the club’s ethos and coaching syllabus and structure, whilst maintaining the behaviours of all Sheppey United players, parents and coaches, to run alongside the club’s community projects.
  • Work with the clubs Youth Secretary and Youth Treasurer to enhance the current set up and continue to grow the youth section in terms of the number of teams and players.
  • Ensure the growth of coaching and pathways amongst all levels of our youth system.
  • To work alongside the youth committee to again grow and support all club and youth progress both on and off the pitch.
  • Work closely with the U23 and First Team management to ensure there is progressions throughout the club.

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