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As you can expect, with a capacity crowd, extra security, television crews and media on site, we expect to be very busy.
Therefore, please note the following:

1. We will be CASHLESS on Friday. Cash will not be accepted anywhere within the stadium – apart from the 50/50 draw.
There will be no minimum transaction fee applied on the card spend for the evening.
2. No public car parking available at the stadium.
Please consider our neighbours when parking on local roads.
The Oasis school car park will be open and available for supporters to park and walk up. It will close at midnight (ME12 3JQ), Minster Road. Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey
3. Chips will not be available from the burger bar, this is to help reduce queue lengths and times.
4. No pitchside drinking available before the start of the game, and the duration of the match.
We will however have drink locations based well away from the pitchside (out of view), such as drink tents behind both goals.
5. The Spitfire bar is closed to the public.
Extra toilets will be located by the Botany Rd end, and bars also placed behind the stands of both goals.
6. We will be open from 4:30pm (entrance via turnstile and handing over your ticket) – but please note, once you’re inside the stadium if you leave the premises you cannot re-enter. Food and drink will be available from that time too.
7. Details on the club shop opening times for the day/night coming soon.
8. Whatever the result on Friday, please do not enter the pitch. This could result in action taken against both SUFC and the individual(s).
Note: Segregation will be in place, Walsall have been allocated the Queenborough Road end.
Home fans should enter the normal turnstiles, away fans will have their own turnstile which is located at the top of the front car park by the youth pitch entrance.

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