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It’s been two years since I joined the Ites as Communications Director and its been an incredible journey so far.
Our media goes from strength to strength and in that time we’ve also introduced TikTok and Instagram to our portfolio.

YouTube has seen us go from 515 subscribers to 1010 (helped by the RYG highlights packages). Twitter from just short of 4500 in 2021 to 6500 this week.

As we continue to grow the media it involves more work, and last season Tyler Ross came in to help with launching TikTok and he’s done a superb job and on occasion he’s helped by Robert Mosdell and they’re forever bouncing great ideas off each other.

Tyler also helps me with data analysis to support the first team – we look through raw data supplied by RYG and tag this into different categories for the management team to review whilst also logging stat tables and trends throughout the season.

With my roles involving heading the media, analysis, helping run the venue and also kit man duties it means my time (especially on matchday) is increasingly stretched so now I’m delighted to announce Brady Willshaw is going to help do the Facebook match commentary initially and hopefully in time if it’s working well for him we may look to utilise his skill and enthusiasm more.

A big shout out to my old mucker Mark Dakin, who helps matchday with the kit and changing room – it also means I’m not the oldest one in the room when he’s there!

Finally, I’m always grateful for any graphics our wonderful and creative Martin Eaves can supply in his spare time – some of this work is out of the world.

So welcome to Brady, keep up the good work Tyler and Mark and as a team I’ll look forward to working with you when we deliver a service to our fans and the first team squad.

Lee Allen

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