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We as a football club are saddened to announce that our potential Friday evening hire to Little Ballers UK has fallen through however it should be detailed by anyone effected that the club have not increased their costs and the costs discussed from the outset in June 2022 have not changed from our first conversation with Little Ballers UK. It has been said that we as Sheppey United FC have not upheld our original agreement which is untrue and whilst we can provide a first class training facility we cannot make numbers work for organisations hiring our facility.

Jack Midson’s Soccer School will continue to run every Monday night as they have been for the past 12months with no issues with numbers or payment. We take our responsibility as a sports facility provider very seriously however we also have to adhere to VAT regulations for all organisations looking to hire from us.

We hope that anyone looking to book our Friday night slots comes forward where we will be happy to discuss discounted rates as previously offered.

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