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With this Saturday being our last preseason friendly I wanted to pen some words to you all regarding entry etc for next season and expectations as a club, as we start our historic season in the Isthmian South East League.

Gary and I have had varying conversations around the youth teams associated with Sheppey United FC and any youth players 15 or under will only be granted free entry if accompanied by a full paying adult and wearing their Sheppey United FC training top and track suit. Any Sheppey United FC youth players 16 and over will only be granted free entry if wearing their Sheppey United FC training top and track suit.

All names and pictures will be provided for each age group at the main officials front door (front car park) and our SIA door supervisors are under strict instruction to adhere to these standards when the Isthmian season starts on 13 August 2022.

So to clarify to ensure we have no issues when the Isthmian playing season starts:

  • No Juniors under 16 will be allowed entry into Holm Park unless accompanied by a full paying Adult
  • Any SUFC youth team player/manager should attend home games in SUFC tracksuit and branded clothing and will only be granted access via the main officials door to the front of the building

If you go via the turnstiles you will be expected to pay so please go via this door.

  • A free attending personal assistant ticket shall be issued at the discretion of the football club to disabled wheelchair supporters only (Admission Prices will be relevant to age of supporter/carer whichever is greater)

The carer will need to provide a UK carer card to the turnstile operator/SIA operative in order to obtain free entry, if a card is not available then the appropriate charge will be implemented for the carer.

  • Season tickets and SUFC youth passes are ONLY valid for Isthmian League Fixtures ONLY
  • No drinks or food are allowed into the ground

Anyone in possession of drinks or food will be asked to either return these to their car or place them in a bin

  • Any supporter(s) found in possession of fire works/flares will be ejected from Holm Park and receive a life time ban
  • Any supporter(s) attempting or gaining access to the playing area/dressing room area will be ejected from Holm Park and receive a life time ban


As I have said to varying players, management and directors at the football club, there are going to be some major changes at Holm Park from last season. Things are going to be a little different, it might feel a bit strange at first or pinch a little, like a new pair of shoes. But if we all want things to be as successful as last year then we will need to buy into the changes for the good of the football club.

I hope like me you are looking forward to the start of this historic season however I just wanted to put down in black and white what the protocols will be for this coming season so we have no incidents when it comes to our first game in the Isthmian league on 13 August 2022.

I will be at the games this evening and on Saturday so if you would like to speak to me about any of the above or would rather contact me electronically please do so by emailing me –

Here’s to a successful season – UP THE ITES

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