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We are delighted to announce that A2 Tyres have signed a further extension to their sponsorship and advertising with Sheppey United FC.

This see’s A2 Tyres as a headline sponsor with a bigger presence not just within the stadium but also on our digital platforms and match highlights.

“I would personally like to thank both Kevin and Rob for their partnership with Sheppey United FC once again. From when I walked them around Holm Park back in 2018 they were very keen to back the club with a significant sponsorship package as they could see the potential the football club had and the ambition both on and off the pitch. That has proven a successful link and has allowed us to achieve the recent successes together”

“To have them extend this relationship even further goes to show that a leading Island and Kent company cares about the local area by investing and building this continued relationship. A2 tyres have recently purchased and installed four defibrillators and external cabinets at its four depots for use in the wider communities across Kent. This tells you something about them as a company which we will feel is a perfect fit with Sheppey United FC and our club slogan of “built from the community for the community” said Commercial Director Paul Rogers.

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