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Greeting to all the fans,

Just to keep you all updated with the team…

The players have been working-out throughout this 2nd lockdown in a structured virtual training program

Last Monday/Tuesday the team have been following a Continues Training Program working at speeds and distances specifically to their position and on Wednesday/Thursday the boys worked on an interval training session, again designed specifically for Football Fitness.

On Saturday morning, we concluded the week with a whole team Zoom HIIT training session led by our Fitness Instructor Carmell Smith (Class Fitness).

Using the GPS statistics the team have covered overall 336 kilometres together, averaging 16 kilometres per player at various intensities and speed per meter and sprint distance. Give or take, these statistics were similar to what we were managing during weeks where we were training twice a week

We have kept in contact with one another throughout the weeks, albeit in our group chats where we have shared photos and workout Pb stats. All the players are healthy, a few are isolating due to their work experiences but most importantly everybody is in good spirit.

Another good news is that Renford Tenyue is recovering well from his injury and has been training all week

We aim to be as near match fitness as possible, whenever the season starts again.

Up the Ites!
Marcel Nimani

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