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As you are all no doubt aware we face Welling United FC in the FA Cup tomorrow. I hope you are as excited as me about this fixture however I would ask you to take note of the following before coming to visit us again at the stadium:

  • Social Distancing should be adhered to when accessing and exiting the stadium along with internally within the stadium – AT ALL TIMES.
  • Ticket QR codes will need to visible on your smart phone or printed out in addition to checking in using the NHS track and trace App.
  • Everybody MUST sign in using the NHS track and trace when visiting us using their smart phone to scan our individual club QR code, this is now law that we have a full register of attendees within the stadium via the NHS App.

If you are unable to do this or do not own a smart phone then please let the turnstile operatives know so we can note you on our online ticketing system as not checked into the NHS track and trace.

As per last week

  • Everybody MUST wear a MASK when they are INDOORS (i.e. to walk to the upstairs toilet or Gallery Bar, to walk to club shop etc etc). Masks are optional when outside however if you are comfortable wearing one then please do so.
  • STRICTLY groups of up to six only when inside the Gallery Bar and when congregating outside within stands etc.
  • CHILDREN SHOULD BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES – Any children seen on their own will be escorted back to their parents and if this continues then we will be forced to ask both parent/guardian and child to leave the stadium.
  • The Ites Bar will remain collection only and social distancing shall be fully adhered to along with the one way system – MASKS should be worn at all times when inside the Ites Bar, you will not be served without one.
  • The Gallery Bar is for season ticket holders only and will be TABLE SERVICE ONLY – please keep away from the bar at all times. We will not be serving anyone from the bar and with reduced numbers allowed in the bar area, this may become closed when capacity is reached – MASKS should be worn at all times when inside the Gallery Bar except when seated at a table.
  • At full time any supporters in the Gallery Bar may be asked to leave to make way for the First Team and the visiting team, this will be on a numbers basis so we apologise in advance.

As this is an FA competitions game with both the Kent & Met Police in attendance, screens will be installed to stop alcohol being consumed whilst watching the game. At no point will alcohol be allowed pitch side and anyone found drinking alcohol pitch side will be asked to leave the stadium.

  • The Ites Bar will CLOSE 10minutes before kick off (2.50pm) and then reopen at half time (3.45pm), at half time the bar will only be open for 10mins before closing for the second half.
  • The Ites Bar will remain open after the game to enable everyone to continue drinking externally if they wish.

Whilst we continue to do our utmost to make your experience with us as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, we have a lot of NEW rules which we must comply with now so as to not risk any financial penalty for not only the football club but for individuals such as staff and customers, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have consideration for those around you who are following the new rules, our staff are doing what they are legally required to do (we do not want to be party poopers, but we may have to be if we feel it is legally necessary).

We need everybody to work together, because if the situation carries on the way it is the government may end up forcing games to be played behind closed doors which we are sure nobody wants to see!!

Let’s work together to keep The Total Power Stadium – Holm Park open for everyone.

Thank you all so much for your support thus far, it is hugely appreciated!


Matthew J Smith – Chairman

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