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Greetings to all the fans,

As always thank you for your enduring support throughout this these last few months and your passion for the club is wholeheartedly felt in our camp.

Often you hear about fans being the ‘12th man’ of the team and having experienced your enthusiasm, I think it is safe to say that we hold one of the strongest ‘12th member’ in our league. I kindly ask for you all to maintain your support.

I would like to start of by reassuring you all that our squad, staff and players included have all returned to us in great health and spirit.

I would equally like to highlight a welcoming message to our new recruits this year. We have added some extraordinary additions to our squad this year. This is all great work from our Chairman and the Gaffer. I think once revealed the fans will mirror my optimism and excitement for the upcoming season.

This Saturday we concluded the second week of return to training with a friendly against our development team.

I am pleased to tell you all, the new recruits have fitted in well and the atmosphere around the training session is electric, competitive and thoroughly enjoyable.

With the expertise of Ben Franks and Charlie Himbury and support of the rest of the coaching team, and Ernie’s experience, we really feel that we have professionalised our set, further this year. We go into a very competitive pre-season schedule in great confidence.

The team will be training twice a week with a further four friendlies to be played by the end of the month. Working with the Gaffer, we have put in place some great ideas which will develop our style of play further to last year and we feel confident that we will go on to have a competitive and exciting season to share with you all.

As a group, we all want to be champions together, we want to excite the fans and above all, we want to play our part in adding history to this great club.

I look forward to report further information as we commence through pre-season.

Marcel – Head Coach

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