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Today we launch the newly designed Home Shirt for the 2020-21 season…

We caught up with Creative Director Martin Eaves to find out what influences his kits designs.

“The obvious way to pick out new team shirts is to click through the online catalogues, select a pattern and input the red and white colour scheme. It’s not particularly distinctive and I really enjoy creating something original.

With the home kit we have decided that after a few white on red striped shirts we would flip over to red on white and taper the stripes around the centre.

The brief for the away kit was that it was to be eye catching. Jackson Pollock’s famous splatter paintings do just that, so I created a half and half splatter kit that immediately divided opinion which the club likes to refer to as “splattergate”. After a few meetings and messages with the board, the decision was made to go with the blue-print on the away kit, with the original full colour edition added as a “third” option. They seem to be selling well so hopefully the fans are enjoying the designs.

The goalkeeper’s kit celebrates Sheppey’s landmarks with Holm Park taking centre stage, being reflected in the Swale.

Enjoy the kits, I’ve checked, and they all look at their best when the individual wearing them is lifting a trophy!”

The home shirt is available now to purchase from our online shop here.

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