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Firstly, I hope everyone associated with the club is keeping well and safe and starting to resume back to some normality. Approximately 14 weeks ago our season concluded on the day of drawing at home to Glebe 1-1. At this stage the management and playing squad were hugely confident that we had a superb chance in putting pressure on the teams above us in the remaining fixtures of the season, unfortunately this was never to be. This period of time puts our great passion of football secondary and our health as the primary factor and with this I hope we can approach the 2020/21 season in a strong and healthy position.

Before I share some of the plans for next season just a word of thanks for last. The club again progressed leaps and bounds last season both in a playing capacity and off the field. This wouldn’t be possible without the coaching team we have behind the scenes to support the players as well as the off the field organisation and leadership from Matt and his team.

Over the past three months the club has continued to build and grow and prepare for another enjoyable season.

To share with you how the first team wish to resume back to training we are currently awaiting confirmation from the league on the start date. Until we receive this date, players are being issued GPS vests and assigned a pre-season training schedule to work remotely, from this they upload their data and this can be monitored by the coaching team. The information this provides will then determine and support different training loads to be applied to different players. Another great step in the right direction for this club.

In regard to the playing squad Ernie and I have secured the majority of last years playing squad. There will be a couple of departures and a couple of new additions which will be shared shortly. Again, we are confident that the team we continue to build a team that will be challenging at the right end of the league.

Please keep an eye out on the social media pages and the website as further information on the playing squad will be shared.

In the mean time, please take care and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Jono  – Assistant Manager

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