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You may remember over the past 2 season we have collected kits, football boots and training wear for our friends in Uganda at Bright Stars Deaf Football Club. Well I am pleased to say I have just received
some photos of them in the kits we sent out just before Christmas. I know I speak for everyone at the football club when I say how proud we are to be able to help out once again and it wouldn’t be possible without a very special person in Julian Chenery. Julian works tirelessly all season going to football grounds around the whole of the UK collecting kits all out of his own pocket and he doesn’t drive a car
may I add ! Julian will set off very early on Saturdays on trains, trams, busses and taxi’s to get to a ground to make a collection to make sure the many African football clubs can receive kits for them to
play in. This can vary from junior and youth teams to men’s football teams. We have specifically asked Julian for our kits and collection go to Bright Stars each year. Bright Stars Chairman Okongo Julius
Geofrey has sent the following message to all of you, our superb fans :

To our friends at Sheppey United FC, we cannot thank you all enough for your very kind donation once again of the match kits. Your team shirts give us so much joy and we are proud to wear your
colours to win our matches. We entered a tournament wearing the navy blue kit. It had helps us to network with big companies here in Uganda. Most companies were surprised to see us playing and
many have given us their business cards with the hope to play friendly matches with them.

Sometimes we take things for granted in life or we moan about what maybe we should be doing here as a club and its only when you see things like this and what it means to another football team that
make you realise the more important things in life and in more importantly in football and that’s being able to share and help another group of players enjoy the beautiful game ! We will again be collecting
and inviting Julian down very soon. I will of course put a message out in plenty of time but if I can ask you to help with mens sized football boots (size 5 to 12) and shin pads. This will help so much for our

As always if you would like to contact me with any commercial enquiries please email me on

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