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After the recent announcement of Rob Denness re-joining the club, we caught up with Dan Bradshaw to to get his thoughts on his old strike partner returning.

So Dan, what do you think about Denness rejoining Sheppey?

Rob signing has bought me a lot of belief going into the season. He’s one of those players who sometimes doesn’t get the plaudits they deserve. His movement allows me to go on and score goals so I’m excited. Me and rob work well together and given we know each other’s game straight away it’s going to allow us to kick off from the start!!

With that in mind, do you think this will be the year you hit the top of the SCEFL goal scoring chart? Any in-clings who your main competition will be this year?

I think if I can stay injury free I’m in with a shout this year. Last season I had 5 games out with the leg injury which ultimately cost me the title of goal scorers but that’s how it is sometimes. It’s made me a lot more hungry for it this year been as though I got so close. Paul vines has to be one of the ones who is going to be up there. You never know who will be up there. A player could have a really good season and push on. All I know is that I will be up there!!

Are you going to be doing another back Bradshaw challenge?

I’d like to do another Back Bradshaw challenge.. I’m going to speak to the club about it and see what they think and see if they can come up with some ideas. It’s on the card though.

The preseason fixtures have been announced, which game are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to the gills game but the game I think everyone will want to win is the Sittingbourne game. They’ll be a lot of people there due to the rivalry so I’m looking forward to that game the most I think.

I hear the youth section have tapped you up to do some coaching? How involved are you?

I’ve been speaking to Mike King for a number of months about coming into the youth coaching side. It’s new for me so I will be doing a lot of watching and learning but he wants me to focus ideally on the strikers but as time goes on try to introduce movement and positioning for the whole squad. I’m looking forward to the challenge which next season will bring.

What will you be up to with your Saturdays before preseason starts?

The wife has got me doing a lot round the house. I didn’t think I’d be excited about running up and down hills for pre-season but I am!! I’ve been resting and trying to stay fit for the season coming but apart from that been spending time with the family. It’s been nice but need football back in my life now!!

Who’s your bet for the Champions League final tonight?

I think Liverpool are going to win but I want spurs to lift the trophy!!

Thanks Dan, we’ll catch up again during pre-season, enjoy the rest 😉

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