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As the end of an awful year for me personally draws to a close I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few people whom have made 2018 another memorable year for this your great football club, firstly I would like to thank the players and management for continuing the thankless task of building a successful team, a massive thank you to our brilliant Secretary Jon Longhurst, Editor/Communications Director Mike Wood, Commercial Director Paul Rogers, a huge thanks
to my father and Kerry Holloway for taking over the running of the club and a big thanks to the rest of the committee for all the time they give up on match days and during the week to help out at the ground. I also would like to thank Roger Pullen for his brilliant work during 2018 on the pitch given the extra work with two teams playing on the main stadium
pitch. I would also be remiss to not thank Keith Lissenden for all his effort off the field with the kit and the clubhouse here at The Havill Stadium, not everyone sees the work Keith completes on the football clubs behalf but trust me it never goes unnoticed by me or any of my fellow committee members. If I have missed anyone then I thank you for everything you do for the club and lastly to you our loyal supporters, thank you and here’s to a successful 2019.

I have only been to a couple of games recently and in the signings we have made I am more than confident the second half of the season will see us push the top six all the way till the end of the season. We are still involved with the League Cup and sitting nicely in 6th position so a very great end to 2018. The exciting team Ernie is putting together is even more evident than before and I cannot wait to see where we end up come the end of this season. As you will have noticed the
football club is in a period of transition both on and off the field and I am as excited as all you supporters by the changes being made. As I said previously just because I wear a badge that says Chairman does not make me any less of a supporter than any one of you. I want the team to win every week and know how hard, Ernie, his management team and the players work behind the scenes to achieve this but we all have to accept the monies being spent to escape this league make their job extremely tough as we work within our self sufficient business model here at SUFC.

Everyone continues to ask how Clare is getting on with her recovery and I am delighted to announce that she has a return home date from Stoke Mandeville of the 23 January 2019, which is fantastic news but merely the start of her rehabilitation at home here in Kent. We are both thankful and humbled by the quantity of well wishes and cards we have received and we both cannot wait for us to be home together. These past five months have been the worst of my life and have shown me all the things I personally have taken for granted. I wish everyone a Happy Christmas and hope you get to spend some real quality time with each and every member of your families because if this whole scenario has taught me anything it is that time cannot be bought or paid for with money. Time with loved ones is an invaluable commodity that should never been taken for granted or a given.

Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year!

Matt Smith – Chairman

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