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Sheppey United -v- Rusthall (SCEFL Premier)

Well it seems after last weeks superb performance a game against newly promoted Rusthall including our old favourite Big Andy Constable should have been a game we should have won at a canter but we’ve also come to realise that like Colonel Saunders we shouldn’t count our chickens.

Talking of which, the Colonel was replaced by man of the match Jim Huggins with the puppet master replacing Hiccham in the midfield.

The game started well Sheppey settled in early playing nice neat football despite the early efforts of the Rustic midfielder who was given 17 final chances by the referee for repeated fouling, then 20 mins in Ites get a corner, ball comes in T’Bradshaw was up quicker than Peter Sutcliffes hammer 1-0. Great assist from Jim Huggins, ok it was 8 minutes after he last touched it when we scored but it’s still his in my book.

We were on easy street, then all of a sudden we switched off, passes went astray, T’Bradshaw dropped deeper trying to get the ball leaving Trey more lonely than a nun at an Ann Summers party then it happened, a hopeful through ball bisected the defence, the keeper who happens to have the same initials as Julian Clary chased after his man with the same gusto as his initial sake making the forwards mind up for him, chipping into an empty net 1-1.

Sheppey look lost of ideas, Rusthall then Take Hart and morph into the better team big Andy covering every blade of grass, though that’s more down to his size than his energetic display leaving Ites to start long balling it much to the delight of 5 ft 4 striker Trey.

Sheppey get a free kick on the edge of the area, Ian curls it round the wall into the bottom corner, the crowd in the D.S.S stand jump as one only for their keeper to somehow keep it out.

1-1 HT

Second half ites come out after clearly having been to Macdonalds in the break, 2 mins in their centre half strolls though the defence who by now were showing as much urgency as one of Mr Havills clients 2-1 to the visitors.

Sub Furious George attempted to take the game and their centre half by the scruff of the neck adding to his impressive tally of cards from the referee who was ably assisted by a linesman who decisions were as baffling as a woman’s reverse parking.

Anyway Sheppey were now probing more than a short sighted Gaenacologist but still not creating chances, in fact big Constable, who has been around that long he must surely be considered for promotion to at least Sargeant finds himself with an empty net, he strikes the ball homewards only for the keeper to go down quicker than his namesake Jordan and pull off an incredible save to keep us in it.

For the rest of the game Sheppey pushed on but didn’t get that slice of luck you need when you’re not playing well and Rusthall saw the game out comfortably

1-2 FT

A definite lack of urgency against a well organised team, again we seemed to get out muscled in the midfield but in truth we have played worse and won.

A slightly disappointing crowd of 202, possibly the local beer festival affected this but onto Deal on Tuesday with the chance to make amends.

MOM…..Jim Huggins, who looks that in control he’s even had his suede patches down onto his shirts elbows.

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